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 Why rent an apartment in Fresno?
 If your looking for that small town feeling with the shopping and conveniences of a larger city, then renting an apartment in Fresno is the right choice for you.  Fresno is centrally located in the state of California.   Only an hour away from the beautiful Sierras where snow skiing makes for an awesome day away from the city to only a couple hours away from the beach.  Fresno offers a huge array of apartments.  If your looking for the urban/art district vibe then Fresno’s tower district is the place to be. Apartment lofts and studios are abundant in the art mural district of Fresno.  If a day at the park with your family and friends is more your style then you can head to North Fresno where luxurious apartments await.  Most North Fresno apartments rental offer incredible amenities ranging from state of the art fitness centers, community game rooms or even theatre rooms.  From one end of Fresno to the other,there is an incredible array of apartment living to suit your every need or want.
While Fresno is still considered a “small town” it benefits from not being a “big city” in California.  Since most larger cities in California are known for their outrageous apartment rental pricing, Fresno is much more moderate than its sister cities.  The average apartment rent in Fresno is some where around $700/month for a one bedroom apartment. Thankfully the average apartment rent in Fresno has stayed fairly steady through the economic struggles. 

A great benefit to renting an apartment in the Fresno Area is the award winning Clovis Unified School District.  Clovis is directly east of Fresno,most likely you wouldn’t know you had entered into Clovis when driving though Fresno.  All Clovis schools offer an exceptional educational experience as well as an incredible sports program and other extracurricular activities.  There is a huge variety of apartments that feed directly into the Clovis Schools.  You definitely want to check out Clovis, as well as Fresno Unified Schools if you have school aged children!  A large quantity of apartment communities in the Fresno and Clovis Area offer after school programs as well.
If higher education is what you are looking for then Fresno, again, is the place to rent your next apartment!  California State University Fresno is located in the heart of Fresno.  The campus is surrounded by apartments, which provides for an easy walk to and from to class. Great academic programs, student life and athletics make for a busy and eventful college life.  Apartment life near Fresno State can range from the normal apartment rental to individual room leases, where you can meet new friends and fellow classmates. If you decide to give a little more distance between your apartment and campus, you may find a student living apartment that can actually shuttle you to and from Fresno State.
Fresno is an awesome community to rent you next apartment.  From all walks of life, the Fresno Area has something for you!

Picking the Perfect Apartment for Rent in Fresno CA
There are a few key factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your next apartment.  Take a look at the list below to make sure your making the right choice.

Location, location,location.
The location of an apartment is very important.  Think about where your daily life takes you.  Work, school, church or even the distance between family and friends will play a large part of your daily travel.  Look into all possible public transportation if needed.  Make sure that your commute to and from is acceptable to you.
Make sure you feel safe in your new home.  Trust your instincts!  Visit the apartment at different times during the day to make sure you feel completely comfortable with your surroundings.  Also take into consideration the distance between your potential apartment and the nearest laundry facility, gym, pool or mailbox in the complex.
Technical Savvy
Most apartments for rent in Fresno now a days are set up for WiFi or at the least provide connections for you to connect to the “cant live without”internet.  If this is a large priority for you make sure that your apartment of interest has all of the connections necessary.  Some properties even offer online rent payment, which makes for easy monthly payments.
Type of Housing
What kind of apartment rental do you picture for yourself?  A quiet and quaint cottage? A lively student friendly complex? Your family friendly, walk to the park community? Fresno offers all of these and more.  When browsing for your next apartment home look at where the apartment is located.  If the apartment is located near a college, look into seeing if it is student driven.  Apartments that are located near parks or in  a residential  area, more than likely are more family oriented. 
Pet Friendly
If Fido is going to be joining you in your new apartment then it is essential to look for pet friendly apartment communities.  Inform your potential apartments of the size and breed of your pet.  Most apartments in Fresno require an additional pet deposit and may have breed or size restrictions.  Also, take a look to see the size of yard or patio that the apartments offer. Community yards or walking trails are a great amenity to have when housing a pet in an apartment. Google Plus



Pet friendly apartment living
Did you know that 78.2 million people own dog(s) in the Unites States? Are you one of them? Living in an apartment or not, your furry friend sticks by you where ever you go. Many apartments in Fresno CA are considered pet friendly, but may have certain size or breed restrictions. You more than likely will be asked for an additional pet deposit as well. Here are a few tips to look out for when searching for your next apartment as well as tips to make you and your pup happy apartment dwellers.
Pet Deposit: When signing your lease make sure that a pet agreement is included to protect yourself as well as protecting the apartment management team. Check to see what the agreement covers; size, breed, number of pets, deposit amount and if it is refundable.
Space to Play: Check out the apartment’s size of yard, patio or balcony. Even though most pets that are considered good for apartments may be small, they still need a little bit of space to get out every once and awhile. Also, ask if the apartment community has a community park or yard. Some apartments have walking trails near by that would be a great benefit for any pet owner.
Being a Great Neighbor: Keep in mind that not all renters love pets as much as you love yours. Be considerate by making sure your pet doesn’t turn into complaints. Exercising your dog can really help with keeping your pet calm and quiet in your apartment. Most breeds are considered much more obedient when receiving just 30 minutes of exercise a day. Keep the barking to a minimum. We know that all dogs bark, but if it becomes a nuisance to your neighbors speak to a trainer or get him/her involved in some type of doggy daycare, which are offered at most pet stores.
Clean up: If your apartment offers a community park be considerate of your fellow residents. Clean up after your pet. Most pet stores sell great poop bags that make for easy clean ups OR mention to your apartment management to install a community pet stop, which supplies you with a doggy bags. You may want to keep your pet on a leash while out of your apartment. Again, other residents may not be as pet friendly as you.
Looking to buy a puppy: Feeling lonely in your apartment and in need of a companion? Here are the top 10 dog breeds for apartment living: Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, English Bulldog, Basset Hound, American Stafford shire Terrier, Greyhound and Great Dane. You heard it, Great Dane! Size doesn’t always matter!